Building a startup is not easy. The Startup Jackpot team, as fellow entrepreneurs, knows this all too well. We have struggled with it all –from team building to fundraising to acquiring customers and everything in between.

This event is all about celebrating our hard work, supporting the local startup community, and winning no-strings-attached cash through a unique startup competition.

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Martin Ringlein


To sell or not to sell: How to approach an acquisition.

Maria Thomas

Former Etsy CEO

To Lead Others Well, First, Know Thyself.

Kevin Lenane


Startup Enterprise Sales: How to Follow the Money.

Eric Koester


All the Sh!t I've Done Wrong: Learning by Failing and Screwing Up.

Caesar Layton

Relay Foods

Grassroots Customer Acquisition: This is not a Mad Men Marketing Campaign.

Daniel Holle


Why I turned down one million euros in VC funding and grants.

Zvi Band


Ins and outs of accelerators: My experience with 500 startups.

The Jackpot

The Startup Jackpot is a grassroots competition, organized by AND judged by startup entrepreneurs. All competitors will tell their startup story, sharing how they got started, the problem/solution their product provides, what challenges they have faced, and what they would do with the prize money. The winner will be determined through crowd-sourced voting. One lucky entrepreneur will be walking home with up to $10,000 in cold hard cash.

For those who want to compete in the up to $10K Startup Jackpot, the "Apply to Compete" ticket gets you admission into the event, but does not guarantee you will be one of the selected companies to present. 10 ideas or companies will be selected to compete. Companies will be selected on a rolling basis; so the sooner you enter the more likely your startup will be picked to compete. After you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email with more information regarding the competition.

The Prizes

1st Place

more than $10,000
in cash prizes
and 3 month membership
at Canvas Co/work

2nd Place

up to $2,000
in cash and prizes
and 2 month membership
at Canvas Co/work

3rd Place

up to $1000
in cash and prize
and 1 month membership
at Canvas Co/work


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